Whole Earth Montessori

We are excited to have a project for a Montessori school located near Seattle.

Our design consists of office and classroom spaces to help an outstanding private school serve its students and the communtiy even better.

We based the window design of the project on the Trinomial cube, a set of toy blocks which is a core learning tool for them. Every block in the set becomes a window in our building.

The project is located on a creekside site, and development is no longer allowed there. So our new buildings had to be built on the existing foundations of a house and garage from the 1970s. We took this initial limitation as an opportunity to add complexity to the massing of the buildings, which are otherwise simple rectangular volumes with gently sloping roofs.

We were allowed to add exterior staircases on both sides of the new structures, which allowed for more room inside, as well as create a lively community space where students, parents and teachers could casually bump into eachother and chat.

Construction photo showing the upper level office space.  The large front window are colored to reflect the Trinomial Cube teaching blocks, which are central to the school's teaching

This is an actual Trinomial cube block teaching tool, arranged in the form of the windows on our project.  Each block in the cube is represented by a window.

3d study model showing the Trinomial Cube window design