The ‘Sidebar’ by Seattle’s Urbancase grouped with other local interpretations of woodworking

Made Local Exhibit

Paul Michael Davis co-organized an exhibit at the Bellevue College Gallery of contemporary furniture and products made in the Pacific Northwest.  The other organizers were Michael Culpepper and John Passmore of Bellevue College's Interior Design Department.

The exhibit showcased significant recent design from the region, revealing a diverse and thriving new regionalism.

‘Bent Chair’ by Portland’s Studio Gorm, ‘Sidebar’ by Seattle’s Urbancase, and pendant light fixture by Vancouver’s Molo Design

Overall view of the exhibition.  We designed a runway for the center of the gallery to display the locally made furniture.  Pendant lights by Seattle based Resolute and Vancouver’s Molo Design.

Porcelain pendant lights by Vancouver based Bocci

‘Construction Quilt’ and light fixtures by Portland based Studio Gorm

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