Cafe Javasti - Maple Leaf

After we finished the design of their location in Wedgwood, Cafe Javasti asked us to renovate their smaller space in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.

Since the existing lighting was poor, we came up with a diagonal grid of conduit and standard socket light fixtures covering the entire ceiling in the space. Over the coffee bar, this grid sprouts pendant task lights from Schoolhouse Electric.

Our other interventions were a new exterior bench along the sidewalk, a white epoxy countertop at the coffee bar, and randomized graphic elements in a new tile backsplash and a wood screen below the espresso machine.

Bench Fabrication by Leif Nordquist

As an amenity for the community, a custom built steel and hardwood bench is tapered to fit into a sliver of space betwen the sidewalk and the front of the building

A diagonal grid of brass electrical conduit and standard porcelain socket light fixtures on the cafe ceiling

A mix of rectangular and square format tiles in a randomized patter of our design serves as a backsplash for the cafe work surfaces

A pendant light by Schoolhouse Electric hangs from the diagonal conduit grid

Vertical grain fir blocks cut at an angle are arranged in a random order below the espresso bar

We designed a sign celebrating the neighborhood made from a water jet cut steel panel, which also serves as the left support of the bench

The sign and bench are fastened to the existing building foundation with custom designed steel connections

Our bench and sign in the context of the existing cafe

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