One of the two north-facing light monitors which brings even, passive daylight into the primary living spaces in the home

The entry sequence features a 40 foot long skylight with the roof framing exposed below the glass

The kitchen: integral Miele appliances, glazed blue brick backsplash, vertical grain fir and white laminate cabinetry

The view from the street

The great room looking toward the kitchen

The great room looking toward the fireplace and covered outdoor patio

Clyde Hill Residence

This is a new house design on the boards for a family on the eastside.

The site is a large, gently sloping lot bordered on three sides by streets and driveways.  Our clients asked us to focus on creating sense of privacy and filling the house with natural light.

Our design response takes these two criteria as its driving concept.  We sunk the house down and buried it on the exposed street side in order to create a private, green, southwest-facing courtyard space.  The great room and master bedroom are arranged in an L-shape around this private outdoor room, and the house's secondary spaces are arranged as a second, peripheral L-shape around those primary rooms.  

These primary rooms also feature sloping roofs that shade the intense southern light, and open up like factory monitors to the passive north light.  The remaining spaces are capped with a low profile flat roof.  

The sunken, southwest facing courtyard

Concept Diagrams

Floor Plan

Physical model of the project from the southwest corner